Black and White Rose Tattoo Displaying A Monochromatic Effect

If you are thinking of getting this pretty rose color combo tattoo inked on you then this article is going to help you in knowing more about this design. After all, it’s good to learn about the hidden meaning behind your tattoo before getting it imprinted.

Acknowledging the Meaning Behind Mesmerizing Black and White Rose Tattoo Design

A classic color combo, the black and white rose tattoo takes a high spot in the tattoo industry by being an elegant and symbolic art design.

In Greek and Roman Culture, Roses are considered as the queen of flowers. Even if we look at Greek and Roman mythologies, roses are considered symbols of desire, monarchy, and secretiveness. Roses are not confined to the feminine side and Black and White roses are an open example of this. So whether you belong to any gender, a Black and White rose tattoo design will suit you. 

Understanding Symbolism of Black and White Roses

Black Rose Symbolic Meaning

Black roses are symbolic, meaning include mystery, secrecy, and the unknown. They are also connected to death and grief. Black flowers in your Black and white tattoo design show the love and grief you hold for the loss of your loved ones.

Black and White Rose Tattoo

Furthermore, Black roses signify the ability to embrace the uncertainty and hidden future that lies ahead of you. To accept the future that builds on the choices of your present. By doing this, you will become courageous and strong and will always be ready to phase and control tough paths.

Black rose tattoos are the portrayal of memories you have created with those who are not with you anymore. These pretty designs will always remind you of good times and strengthen you in your bad days.

White Roses Symbolic Meaning

Opposite of Black Flowers, White flowers indicate purity, holiness, innocence, youthfulness, and rebirth. 

For signifying new beginnings in timeless design, a White rose tattoo is something you should look for. A new beginning comes with the promises of eternal love and loyalty and the white roses tattoo is exactly there to remind you of your responsibilities and promises as a part of new beginnings. 

Furthermore, a White rose tattoo shows your pure heart and pure intentions. Your tattoos are the reflection of yourself, and having a white rose tattoo inked on your skin will surely express your inner self innocence, and fragileness.

Respect is another symbolic meaning that is attached to white roses. It represents your care to respect everyone around you and your attention to fulfilling human rights in every way possible. 

Combining Black and White Roses Tattoo

Individually Black and White roses carry their related meaning but when both are combined in one design then a wide spectrum of interpreted meanings opens up.

These monochrome blooms then show a complex life meaning where you look for beauty even in dark and unseen things. You try to bring the best out of every situation and hold the things tightly that are closer to you. Your optimistic side prevails upon every mysterious path and brings out seedlings of hope and love. 

It also shows your eagerness to set on new journeys and to accept everything positively that comes your way.

Best Places to Ink Black and White Rose Tattoo

When getting yourself a tattoo, your personal preference should be your priority. But if you are new or are confused then it’s totally okay to allow yourself to know about the places best for getting this black and white rose tattoo.

Best Places to Ink Black and White Rose Tattoo


Your forearm is the best place if you want a visibility factor in your tattoo design. Plus forearms give a nice space for imprinting intricate designs. 


If you want a Black and White rose tattoo design in large size then your shoulders will be the best canvas for it. You can also extend your tattoo design towards your back or arms. This place is perfect for both showing your tattoo and covering it when desired. 


Your thigh area also provides a significant space for getting desired-size tattoos. You can also alternate rose numbers in this area. It’s up to you to cover your thigh area with this tattoo or just have a small portion inked. 

Wrist or Ankle

If you want a minimal look with a Black and white rose tattoo design then there is nothing more perfect than having it inked on your wrist or ankle. Here, the tattoo design will look elegant and give a classy vibe to your personality. 


Black and White rose tattoos cover a diverse symbolic meaning of life. These tattoos reflect the mature side of your personality.

Black roses come with the symbolic meaning of memories, mysticism, and affection for loved ones while white roses show new beginnings, purity, and innocence. 

Combinedly this tattoo design holds the symbolic ties of looking for the positive side. It reminds you to have the courage and hope for the beginning of a new era.