About Us

The Hangout — Traditional-Oriented Tattoo Studios in Vietnam

The Hangout Tattoo Studios was established in 2019 with the first location in the beautiful coastal city of Hoi An. Now we are also presented in Hanoi Capital. The Hangout Tattoo Studios specialize in Traditional tattoo style with different variations reflecting the uniqueness of each Artist. Currently, we are proud to be one of the only pioneering Traditional-style-oriented tattoo studios in Vietnam with a team of highly qualified Artists.

When compared to the history of the tattoo industry worldwide, Vietnam is a young market with many knowledge gaps. Therefore, we realize that our mission is not only to deliver the best quality works to customers, but more importantly, to popularize the knowledge about this art form to all those who are interested.


Why Choose The Hangout Tattoo Studios?

When it comes to traditional-style Vietnamese tattoos, we’re the experts. At The Hangout Tattoo Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction with a focus on traditional styles.

We only use the best quality equipment, inks, and aftercare services, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best of the best. If you’re ready to experience the mesmerizing world of traditional tattoos, look no further than The Hangout Tattoo Studios. 

Schedule an appointment with our highly skilled artists today and see for yourself why we’re the premier tattoo studio in Vietnam