Experience Tradition and Artistry at The Hangout Hoi An: Vietnam’s Premier Tattoo Studio

The Hangout Tattoo Studios is a beacon of tradition, artistry, and passion. The studio, which is located in the historic and beautiful streets of Hoi An, was created in 2019. The establishment rose to prominence quickly as a result of the shared vision of several talented tattoo artists. 

Their distinctive blend of traditional and neo-traditional tattoos captivated both locals and tourists. The city’s cultural vibrancy, combined with the artists’ unrivaled talent, established it as a tattoo destination in Hoi An.

The COVID-19 Setback

The year 2020 brought unexpected challenges. Businesses faced unprecedented hardships as the world came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hangout Studio was no different. They had to temporarily close their doors in order to follow health protocols and ensure the safety of their customers and employees. 

However, adversity frequently breeds innovation. The team saw this pause as an opportunity to grow. They turned challenges into a period of growth by investing time in refining their skills and perfecting their craft.

Post-pandemic Strategy

Businesses needed resilience and strategic planning to recover from the pandemic. The Hangout Studio team demonstrated both. They devised a formidable return strategy with the goal of expanding in Hanoi, Vietnam’s bustling capital. When businesses reopened, they were determined to be stronger than ever.

Partnership with Mandala Ink

Collaboration often results in masterpieces in the world of art. The Hangout Studio formed a strategic partnership after identifying synergy with Mandala Ink, a renowned Hanoi studio with a flair for Japanese designs. 

It was a harmonious blend of shared values and common goals. Both studios placed a strong emphasis on traditional and neo-traditional designs, which they backed up with an unwavering commitment to excellence in professionalism and customer service. 

This collaboration not only expanded their reach but also enhanced their offerings, which benefited tattoo enthusiasts.

Expansion in Hanoi

With its pulsating energy and cultural riches, Hanoi provided fertile ground for The Hangout Studio’s expansion. Their new branch, which was reminiscent of their original essence, quickly gained popularity. 

They carved a niche for themselves in the capital by replicating their signature designs, which celebrated traditional Vietnamese tattoo art, and upholding their brand ethos of impeccable customer service.

Two men wearing Covid masks, sitting on steps and looking at each other


Return to Hoi An

Roots have an undeniable charm. And Hoi An has always held a special place in their hearts for The Hangout Studio founders. With the resumption of tourism, the team felt an inextricable pull toward their hometown. 

They envisioned an unrivaled tattoo experience for Hoi An with renewed vigor and ambition. They wanted to create a second studio that reflected not only their journey but also their evolution. Their new Hoi An home, which is strategically located and exudes modernity, promises an experience that goes beyond tattooing.

Securing Prime Location

Location is crucial to improving the customer experience. The Hangout Studio’s new address, nestled in the heart of Hoi An, is nothing short of iconic. 

Its proximity to well-known establishments such as the UNO Restaurant & Bar and the renowned Mad Monkey Hostel adds to its allure. The venue beckons patrons with its expansive glass façade, promising them an artistic journey unlike any other.

People partying outside The Hangout Tattoo Studio Hoi An

Services Offered

Every tattoo has a story to tell—a personal journey. Patrons of The Hangout Studio can expect a variety of styles. The studio offers everything from modern motifs that reflect today’s zeitgeist to traditional styles that echo Vietnam’s rich tapestry. 

Each artist creates stories on skin with their own unique style, ensuring that each design is as unique as the person wearing it.

Focus on Traditional Tattoos

In an era of fast fashion and passing fads, The Hangout Studio is a testament to timelessness. Their deep appreciation for neo- and traditional-style tattoos sets them apart. Vietnam, with its rich cultural history, has a vast reservoir of traditional motifs and symbols. 

The artists at the studio delve deeply into this heritage, creating tattoos that are more than just skin deep but also resonate with stories, traditions, and beliefs. By promoting these age-old designs, they hope to preserve a piece of Vietnamese history, one tattoo at a time.

Proficient Artists at the Helm

Behind the studio’s success is a team of highly skilled and passionate artists. Each artist brings their own flair, but they all share a common vision of excellence and creativity. 

Their attention to detail, combined with their dedication to the craft, ensures that each tattoo is a work of art. Clients can sense the artists’ passion, expertise, and personal touch in every interaction, from consultation to final inking.

The Hangout Tattoo artist, Mickey, preparing a customer for their tattoo

Beyond Tattoos: An Educational Mission

Art crosses boundaries and sparks conversations. The Hangout Tattoo Studio’s mission is more than just tattooing. The team hope to be torchbearers, illuminating the rich world of tattoo artistry for enthusiasts. 

They are dedicated to disseminating information about this intricate art form through consultations and open dialogue. They envision a community in which tattoos are celebrated not only as a fashion statement but also as an embodiment of history, culture, and personal journeys. 

Why Choose The Hangout Tattoo Studio in Hoi An?

The Hangout Tattoo Studios is the pinnacle of excellence in the realm of art that meets skin. Their unwavering dedication to traditional Vietnamese tattoo styles distinguishes them. 

Every customer receives a truly exceptional experience that features expert craftsmanship, top-notch tools, and first-rate aftercare. Their mission extends beyond ink; it is about weaving stories, celebrating traditions, and forging connections. 

If you are interested in learning more about traditional tattoos in Hoi An, The Hangout Tattoo Studio is the place to go.

Tree Tattoo by The Hangout Tattoo Studio


The Hangout Tattoo Studio in Hoi An is more than just a location; it is an experience. It is where traditions come to life, stories find a canvas, and artistry transcends boundaries. 

If the allure of ink draws you to Vietnam, there is no better place to visit than this iconic studio. Immerse yourself in Vietnam’s rich tattoo heritage and let the best in the business etch your story.


When was The Hangout Tattoo Studio established?

The studio was established in 2019 in Hoi An.

What makes The Hangout Studio stand out?

Their focus on traditional and neo-traditional Vietnamese tattoo styles and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Did The Hangout Studio expand to other locations?

Yes, they expanded to Hanoi post-pandemic, partnering with Mandala Ink. They then opened their second studio in Hoi An in 2021.

What styles of tattoos do they specialize in?

They specialize in both neo- and traditional styles, with a keen focus on Vietnamese and Asian-inspired tattoo art.

How can I book an appointment?

You can reach out to them directly to book an appointment.