Behind the Needle: A Day in the Life of a Tattoo Artist at The Hangout Tattoo Studios

Introduction to the Daily Routine

The life of a tattoo artist at The Hangout Tattoo Studios begins early, with a day filled with creativity, dedication, and intricate artistry. 

Around 10 AM, the studio comes alive as apprentices tidy up, setting a welcoming atmosphere for clients. 

The artists arrive, armed with their designs, ready to transform ideas into vivid tattoos.

Morning Preparations

Mornings are quiet but focused, as artists review their designs, ensuring each detail is perfect. 

This is a time for concentration, with artists often immersed in their sketches, fine-tuning the day’s work.


Tattoo Preparation at The Hangout Studio Hoi An


Client Interactions: From Email to Face-to-Face

Most client interactions begin via email, but it’s the face-to-face meetings that truly capture the essence of the client’s vision. 

For walk-in clients, the studio offers a wide range of flash designs, each a testament to the artists’ creativity and skill. 

The process of choosing the right tattoo is collaborative, involving discussions about design preferences, sizing, and placement.


Client consultation with The Hangout Studio n Hoi An


The Heart of the Day: Tattooing Sessions

When clients start arriving at around 11 AM, the studio buzzes with activity. Tattooing sessions are intense and require utmost precision.

Artists spend hours inking, bringing to life the designs that were once mere concepts. It’s a dance of needle and skin, a process where art meets personality.


A customer getting a tattoo at The Hangout Tattoo Studio Hoi An


Lunchtime: A Moment of Togetherness

Around noon, the studio pauses for lunch, a time for artists and apprentices to relax and bond. 

These moments are precious, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the studio.

Afternoon Sessions and Drawing for the Next Day

Post-lunch, the studio resumes its rhythm. Artists continue their sessions, often working till late afternoon. For apprentices, the day extends beyond closing hours. 

They stay back to draw, plan for upcoming projects, and further their skills, all while enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Hangout Studio Hoi An, Vietnam


Challenges and Rewards of Being a Tattoo Artist

The life of a tattoo artist is demanding, often extending beyond the typical eight-hour workday. 

Many artists spend additional hours at home drawing, painting, or engaging in other creative activities to enhance their craft. 

Continuous learning is a critical part of their journey, involving watching instructional videos, attending workshops, and connecting with fellow artists.

Socializing plays a significant role in their lives. Clients are more than customers; they often become friends, leading to outings and experiences that enrich the artists’ lives. 

However, balancing this demanding schedule with personal time can be challenging. 

Yet, the reward of meeting new people, creating lasting art, and traveling the world for their craft makes it a fulfilling career.




A day in the life of a tattoo artist at The Hangout Tattoo Studios is a blend of passion, artistry, and human connection. 

It’s a lifestyle that demands much but gives back in equal measure through artistic fulfillment and community bonds. 

Each day brings new challenges, new faces, and new stories, making the life of a tattoo artist not just a job, but a journey of continuous discovery and creation.

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