From Concept to Canvas: The Creative Process at The Hangout Tattoo Studios

At The Hangout Tattoo Studios, the art of tattooing transcends mere ink on skin; it’s a journey of creativity and personal expression. Nestled in the heart of Hoi An, Vietnam, our studio stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, where every tattoo is a masterpiece in its own right. Here, the process of getting a tattoo is as unique as the design itself, blending expert artistry with an intimate understanding of each client’s vision.

The First Step: Consultation

Welcoming Clients: Walk-ins and Research-Based Visits

Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or the culmination of months of research, every client at The Hangout Tattoo Studios is greeted with the same warmth and enthusiasm. Our doors are open to walk-ins and appointment-based visits alike, offering a space where ideas and creativity flourish.

Choosing a Design: Flash Books and Personal Concepts

The journey of a thousand tattoos begins with a single sketch. Clients can peruse through our extensive collection of flash books, brimming with designs ranging from traditional to avant-garde. For those carrying a unique vision, our artists are adept at translating personal concepts into tangible art.

The Role of KoKo the House Pup

Amidst the buzz of creativity, KoKo, our beloved house pup, adds a touch of joy and comfort. His presence not only lightens the atmosphere but also provides a calming influence, especially for first-timers.

In-Depth Consultation for Perfect Design Realization

Our consultations are more than mere discussions; they are deep dives into the client’s imagination. We aim to capture the essence of their ideas, ensuring that the final design resonates deeply with their personal narrative. By understanding their preferences, past tattoo experiences, and future goals, we tailor a tattoo experience that’s uniquely theirs.

Customer getting a tattoo consultation at The Hangout Studion in Hoi An

Post-Consultation: Preparing for the Tattoo

Confirming Appointments and Deposit Fees

Once the consultation concludes with a shared vision, we schedule the tattoo session. A deposit, typically 30% of the estimated cost, is required to secure the time slot and allow our artists to commence the design process.

Pre-Tattoo Advice: Meals, Hydration, and Rest

Preparation is key to a great tattoo experience. We advise our clients to eat a hearty meal, stay hydrated, and get ample rest before the big day. A well-nourished and rested body ensures optimal comfort and endurance during the tattooing process.

Open Communication and Social Media Responsiveness

Our commitment to client care extends beyond the studio walls. We encourage open communication and are readily available on all major social platforms for any inquiries, updates, or even just a friendly chat about the upcoming session.

A customer getting a tattoo at The Hangout Tattoo Studio Hoi An

The Big Day: Execution of Your Tattoo

Morning Preparations for Clients

The excitement of a tattoo day is unmatched. Our clients arrive prepared, having followed our pre-tattoo advice. At The Hangout Tattoo Studios, we ensure that from the moment they step in, their experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Final Design Discussions and Adjustments

Before the ink meets the skin, we have a final discussion about the design. It’s crucial that our clients are absolutely in love with the artwork. Any last-minute tweaks or changes are welcome, ensuring that the tattoo they get is the one they’ve dreamed of.

Behind the Scenes: Sterilization and Setup

While our clients settle in, our team is diligently preparing the artist’s station. Sterilization and cleanliness are our top priorities, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Every tool, every needle, and every ink pot are meticulously prepared to uphold the highest standards of tattoo hygiene.

Stencil Placement and Starting the Tattoo

The moment of truth arrives with the stencil placement. This crucial step ensures that the design sits perfectly in the desired spot. Once both the client and artist are satisfied with the placement and size, the exhilarating process of bringing the tattoo to life begins.

A colorful tattoo of a flower design by The Hangout Studio Hoi An

The Tattooing Process

The Art of Inking: Techniques and Client Comfort

Our artists are masters of their craft, employing a range of techniques to create stunning visuals on skin. During the session, client comfort is paramount. We take breaks as needed and ensure that the experience is as pleasant as possible.

Artist-Client Collaboration During the Session

The tattoo session is a dynamic dance between artist and client. Feedback and interaction during the process are essential, making each tattoo a true collaborative masterpiece.

Aftercare and Follow-up

Post-Tattoo Care Instructions

After the session, we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions. Proper care is essential for the healing process and the longevity of the tattoo. We also schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the tattoo heals perfectly and offer touch-ups if necessary.

Follow-Up Appointments and Touch-Ups

Our relationship with clients doesn’t end when they leave the studio. Follow-up appointments are a key part of our service, ensuring that every tattoo remains as vibrant and beautiful as the day it was inked.

Showcasing Completed Works

Our studio walls and social media pages are adorned with the art we’ve created. Each finished piece tells a story, and client testimonials add to the rich tapestry of our studio’s legacy.

Why Choose The Hangout Tattoo Studios?

Choosing The Hangout Tattoo Studios means embarking on a journey of artistic discovery where safety, satisfaction, and creativity converge. Our dedication to the craft and our clients sets us apart, making us a premier destination for tattoo enthusiasts.


The Hangout Tattoo Studios offers more than just tattoos; we offer experiences. From the initial consultation to the final masterpiece, each step is handled with care, professionalism, and a deep respect for the art. We invite you to join us on this creative journey, where your vision becomes our canvas.