Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas – A Guide To Your First Vietnamese Inspired Tattoo

As the years have gone by, travelling has become a lot more accessible, and with that, the realm of tattoo ideas has forever expanded. It’s become a popular choice for travellers to get tattoos in each country they visit and let’s be honest – a tattoo is cooler than a photo.

If you’re travelling through Vietnam in the near distant future, or if you’re already here, you may be already on the lookout for tattoo ideas with a Vietnamese theme to brand yourself with.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to inspire your Vietnamese tattoo ideas and give you an edge on how to add your own personal twist.

Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas

Reflecting on the Decision

The decision to embrace permanent artwork in Hoi An opens doors to a unique cultural perspective that can be intertwined within your design. Here at The Hangout Studio we have an array of artists that excel in realism, traditional and neo traditional art styles. Come to us with an idea and we can intertwine some personalised Vietnamese inspired twists that will make your tattoo experience an unforgettable one.

Choosing Your Design

Further exploration into traditional and neo-traditional designs within Hoi An can take on an exciting twist. We can dive into the intricate world of Vietnamese folklore, allowing mythological creatures or symbols to find their place in your ideas. Collaborating with our skilled artists who understand the nuances of Traditional and Neo Traditional art styles, as well as being local to Hoi An gives you the unique opportunity for a truly timeless piece of artwork as our artists have an endless array of Vietnamese tattoo ideas to get you started.

Consider The Placement

The placement of your tattoo can be just as important as the piece itself. You could be opting for a more visible piece or choosing a hidden spot as a more personal piece for yourself. This is where the beauty of Traditional and Neo-Traditional can really bloom and accentuate the human body. The artists at The Hangout Studios are always happy to provide advice when discussing where would be the best position for your piece, depending on its size and style.

Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas

Researching The Right Artist

With the endless amount of posts on social media, it can be hard to choose the right artist for you. Spend time following artists online to get a feel for who they are and an understanding of their art style. The process of getting the tattoo is as important as the piece itself, so having an enjoyable experience when getting tattooed is definitely worth considering.  If you’re looking for  a specific style of tattoo, say Neo-Traditional, then have a look around at Neo-Traditional artists in the area and have a snoop on their social media platforms.

Research artists in areas you’re going to be visiting, a bit of preparation will save you time later down the line. If you’re heading to Hoi An, then visit our bio page to get an understanding of our artists and get a consultation booked before you even arrive in town. By doing this you’ve already given yourself more free time for sightseeing rather than travelling to different studios when you’re here.

Embracing The Process

It’s not all about the finished product. The process in itself is almost its own ceremony – especially if this is your first tattoo. Don’t be afraid to converse with your artist and discuss options if you want any alterations prior to finalising the design on your skin. Getting a memorable tattoo in Vietnam is not just the physical experience, it’s a cultural exchange between the artist and you.

Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas


Taking that leap into your first tattoo can be an exciting and nerve wracking experience, hopefully we’ve cleared things up and made it a bit easier for you to decide which Vietnamese tattoo ideas are more toward your style and personality. Self expression comes in many forms and making a decision about something that will be etched onto your skin for the rest of your life is a big decision to make. But, by reading articles like this prior to making your decision can really contribute toward making the right decision about what your first travel related tattoo should be.