What country are tattoos cheapest? All you need to know about tattoos, prices, tipping and the taboo

Is Vietnam a good place to get tattoos? 

You’ll often hear the question and feel the hesitancy amongst travellers considering whether Vietnam is a good place to get a tattoo. Like all countries, artists go through apprenticeships, and more often than not, have more experience than western studios due to Vietnam’s deep cultural connection to art and working culture. For example, here at The Hangout Hoi An, our artists have over a life-times worth of experience between them, most being considered “masters” in the field, and each now pass on their knowledge and expertise by training new artists. 

At The Hangout not only are our artists genuinely passionate about doing cool tattoos, they are immensely serious about the work they do. I have seen western studios much less organised, The Hangout truly sets an immensely high standard in regard to customer service, customer experience and service delivery.

What country are tattoos cheapest

Are tattoos taboo in Vietnam? 

Tattoos are not taboo in Vietnam. I think there is a blanket rule throughout the world, so long as they are not offensive, no one really cares! Whilst you may get some looks, they may be more out of admiration. Even remotely off the beaten track places, locals understand the western tattoo culture. Whilst you may not see lots of Vietnamese with tattoos, there are many who do indulge in the art and some of the best tattoo artists in the world are Vietnamese… Generally, in places of cultural significance, it is important to cover your skin as much as possible, anyway, tattooed or not! Your tour guide will make you aware of these places, though!Is it rude not to tip in Vietnam? 

Are tattoos taboo in Vietnam? 

There is no need to tip your tattoo artist in Vietnam and it is definitely not rude to not tip your artist in Vietnam, whether you’re getting a 15 minute piece or a four hour piece! Whilst of course tipping is always a kind gesture, there is generally not a huge tipping culture in Vietnam! Instead of tipping, if you’re wanting to do something for the artist to show your appreciation, you can show it in ways such as: a kind review, endorsement, by doing this other people can see the work and see that the artist has satisfied customers, supporting the artist to continue building their client base.Buy their merch, sometimes, artists will have t-shirts with their art of them, this is a great way to not only support their art, show appreciation but also is a way to endorse the studio. 

As an overall rule, it is not rude not to tip in Vietnam. But, it is always appreciated, if you do. You’ll find in some other South-East Asian countries it is expected, so always check country per country when arriving!

Looking for a cheap tattoo? 

I’ll be honest, I have my fair share of cheap tattoos. I have some of my most hypothetically “meaningful” tattoos that have been in fact, dirt cheap. But, now today working in one of the most reputable tattoo parlours in the country, I struggle with the moral battle of wanting each of them covered with objectively better tattoos. While you can get cheap tattoos in Vietnam, it is drastically important to consider if it is worth it. From blurred and uneven lines, faded colours and colours that don’t match my skin tone, I, from personal experience, warn you to consider whether saving $50 is worth it. Tattoos are permanent, hard to cover and even harder to remove. I am going to explore the significance of how you can receive a good price, and phenomenal quality, so your self-expressive piece can be worn proudly. 

Looking for a cheap tattoo? 

The downfall of a cheap tattoo

Tattoos all look good at first. But, lines change overtime. Some of the tattoos I was happy with at the start, but overtime, 3 dots bled into 1 blurred line, shades faded drastically into 1 colour, shapes became less sharp and I truly regretted not spending the extra money! So now, I find myself planning cover ups. 

You’ll find a lot of people use cheaper inks, cheaper equipment, with less experience in the tattoo field. SO trust me, when I say, “you get what you pay for”. 

So, what do I suggest instead? 

Visit us at the Hangout – Hoi An. A haven for quality tattoos with reasonable pricing. 

Our artists have over a lifetime of experience in the art they do, and take immense pride in their projects. They’ll take your ideas and personalise it to suit your body, skintone, vibe and also add their personal style to ensure it is a once in a lifetime piece. 

Whether you’re a local, tourist or expat, we have a tattoo for you. We can support you with creating a great design, that works with your budget. 

The Hangout Studio in Hoi An, has established itself as a sanctuary for tattoo enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality and artistry. 

One of the key reasons behind the Hangout Studio’s reputation for quality is the team of highly skilled and experienced artists. These professionals possess a deep understanding of tattoo techniques, composition, and design. Their expertise allows them to create intricate and personalised tattoos that surpass expectations.

Moreover, the Hangout Studio maintains strict hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and clean environment for clients. The use of sterile equipment, disposable needles, and adherence to proper sanitization protocols minimises the risk of infection and other complications.

So, what do I suggest instead? 

The Importance of Investing in Quality Tattoo

While quality tattoos may come at a higher price, it is vital to recognize that tattoos are permanent. Unlike other forms of art, tattoos are etched into the skin, and their longevity depends on the skill and expertise of the artist. Investing in a better quality tattoo ensures that the artwork remains vibrant and visually appealing for years to come.

A well-executed tattoo reflects the individual’s personality and serves as a meaningful symbol. It becomes a part of their identity, and therefore, it is crucial to prioritise quality over affordability. A cheap tattoo that lacks precision and attention to detail can diminish the intended meaning and significance behind the artwork.

Furthermore, quality tattoos are more likely to age gracefully. The use of high-quality pigments and techniques helps maintain the integrity of the design, even as the skin ages. This ensures that the tattoo retains its vibrancy and definition, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

So, when considering what country to visit to get the cheapest tattoo, whilst tattoo’s are cheaper overall in Vietnam, it’s also absolutely paramount that you consider how cheap, is too cheap for something with you forever! 

The Hangout Studio in Hoi An stands as a testament to the importance of investing in quality tattoos. By choosing skilled artists, maintaining high hygiene standards, and using quality materials, the Hangout Studio ensures long-lasting and visually stunning tattoos. Remember, a tattoo is a permanent form of art, and it deserves the care and attention that high-quality work provides. 

We hope to see you soon and best of luck on your travels!