Best places to eat in Da Nang, by the Hangout Hoi An 

Da Nang when I first moved was an enigma to me, I heard it was a slower city where a lot of locals and expats lived…I even asked myself, does Da Nang have street food? And at first I was apprehensive to visit, until I did and began to realise it is like the fine wine of nightlife, street food, culture, beach restaurants in comparison to the backpacker life I have been living up to now.

So, I am here to tell you all about the Da Nang nightlife and street food, as well as a couple of other hidden gems I have found along the way. Don’t be a Hoi An snob like me… venture out, the sooner you do the better.

So welcome to my street food recommendations, specific to Da Nang and some Vietnam classics. From alleyways and little red chairs with free beer to fancy restaurants, I’m here to tell it all. 

da nang food

What are 5 popular street foods in Vietnam, you ask? 

Can’t go wrong… Banh Mi 

Firstly, if you’re looking for a classic Banh Mi, head over to Bac My An Market. Banh Mi’s are a Vietnamese classic, a culinary delight but also good at 4am when you’re steaming after a couple of wines… Usually prepared with fresh bread (absolute delight i eat them by themselves) and filled with distinct flavours such as pork, cha lua (pork bun), pate, cheese, fresh aromatics and so much more.. If you’re looking for some other cool asian food, such as Vietnamese styled fried chicken or Vietnamese styled Chinese dumplings, head towards Le Duan Street.

There are so many hidden gems around the place…. I know people say a lot that street food is dangerous (for our bellies) but honestly, just find where the most locals are ordering from… they know their shit.

cao lầu

Cao lầu

Secondly, a fan favourite, and Da Nang food speciality, Mi Quang – Da Nang’s Signature Noodle Dish:

Mi Quang is a signature dish of Da Nang, and it is a must-try for anyone visiting the city. This noodle dish features a flavorful broth made from pork bones, turmeric, and various aromatic herbs. The noodles are typically flat rice noodles, and the dish is topped with a variety of ingredients such as shrimp, pork, quail eggs, peanuts, and fresh herbs. For an authentic Mi Quang experience, head to “Mi Quang Ba Mua” or “Mi Quang 1A” where you can enjoy this local specialty at its best.In this image, the dish with the flat pieces of pork on top is also a popular street dish called Cau Lao… only served in Hoi An, it was my personal favourite (addiction) for weeks when I first arrived… Served with crispy pork crackling on-top, thick juicy yet not soupy noodles.

cơm gà hội an

South vibes… Chicken/ pork rice.

Another classic street food, my personal favourite, Com Ga and Com Suon. (Chicken Rice, Pork Rice). You’ll find different cuts of pork used differently all over Vietnam. But these are my personal favourite dishes. The best ones are usually found on street corners with posters signifying that’s what they sell… or ask your hostel/ hotel. BBQ’d or fried chicken, or roasted pork, served with rice and pickled veg/ fresh veg for 35k… Second food addiction. 

bánh xèo

Lastly but definitely not least… Vietnamese Pancakes (Banh Xeo)

Crispy fried goodness, you can get these bad boys sweet or savoury… Whether you’re getting banana/ nutella or whether you’re getting fresh aromatics and pork/ shrimp, with a delicious sauce… these are such a treat. And very cheap…. 

Looking for a Da Nang food tour?

I get it, going out and walking around until you find places can be tiring… and you may just want to get straight to the point. In this case, using places like Da Nang Food Tour – Home – Da Nang Food Tour, and other organisations that offer specific, local and knowledgeable food tours is a really easy way to immerse yourself in the culture, whilst also having some predictability/ control over whether you actually eat.. I myself have been guilty of walking around aimlessly trying to find something I want to try. 

Cooking tours are also great options if you’d like to learn a bit more about how the locals source their ingredients/ local markets/ how to cook the food you’re eating. Personally my favourite tour offered in Hoi An/ Da Nang. 

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