Explore the Rich Cultural and Symbolic Meaning Behind Vietnamese Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoo is one of the ancient designs in Vietnamese culture and holds the most profound, majestic, and powerful symbolic representation.

A leading zodiac sign, the Dragon tattoo reflects various rays, each ray holds divinity and spiritual power. If you want to get this famous Vietnamese Dragon tattoo inked on your skin, this article will help you to know the hidden treasure this design holds and how it will gracefully reflect you. 

Besides Vietnamese culture, the Japanese, Korean, and especially Chinese dragons carry strong values and respect. They are seen as powerful and blessed creatures. In Vietnamese folklore, it is said that when koi fish move against the stream and reach the top of a waterfall, it transforms into a glorious dragon. Let’s have a look at the deep symbolic meaning behind the Dragon tattoo and how engraving this tattoo design on you will greatly influence your internal self. 

Vietnamese Dragon Tattoos

Cultural Significance

In Vietnamese mythological culture, dragons are the sacred symbolic tattoo design and owned a great place, especially in the emperor era. As Vietnamese tattoos were the symbol of aristocracy in the past, male aristocrats like emperors inked dragon tattoo designs to show their dominance. Dragon tattoo portrays power and authority, which is why this artistry was majorly belonged to kings or emperors.

Symbolic Significance

The Dragon tattoo is filled with positive energy and spiritual power. It symbolizes resilience, endurance, prosperity, knowledge, and power. Getting this tattoo design will reflect your attributes on how you carry strong power to face hardships. It represents your inner strength in taking full control over your things.

From a spiritual aspect, dragon tattoos connect you with cosmic energies. It acts as a shield and guidance towards the right path. Dragons are the protectors that cause rainfalls in hours of need. This trait of caring will also be seen in the individual who has tattooed this mystic and magnificent creature on their skin. 

Placement of Vietnamese Dragon Tattoo 

A Vietnamese dragon tattoo is most often inked along with clouds and thunder to intensify its significance and also for aesthetics. With S shape design, dragon tattoos can take up a particular space. That’s why it’s better to check the places that are mostly used for getting dragon tattoos. However, it should not confine your preferences on where you want to place this design. Let’s look at some of the popular places for inking:


Some don’t like showcasing their tattoos and some do. If you are a person who has no issue in showcasing your tattoo design then getting it inked on your arm would be best. Getting it placed on your forearm or upper arm area, will represent power to hold things in order and in doing bold works. 



Getting a tattoo on your chest is often painful but it is surely worth the endurance. When tattooed on your chest, a dragon tattoo will come in close place with your heart. Here it will reflect different meanings, for instance, it will show devotion to helping others, passion, affection, and care for others. 


If you want a big dragon tattoo then consider your back area. Your back is the perfect place with an ideal surface for inking magnificent dragon tattoos along with thunder and clouds. It will give a dramatic edge to your personality. Here this design will reflect its foundational meaning which is wisdom, strength, power, and protection. 


As the dragon tattoo is in S-shape, its length can vary depending on the area. Your legs are a perfect canvas for tattooing big and long dragon tattoos. You can add different elements as well along with dragons like fire, rain, etc. On your leg area like on the calf or thighs, this tattoo design will show freedom for doing virtue, for following the right path, and for moving towards spirituality. 


Shoulders is a discreet place and is good for those who don’t want to showcase their tattoo much. A dragon tattoo on the shoulder will add extra specialty where only the one you allow can know you have a tattoo. Further, it also represents protection and determination in setting boundaries for your self-care. 


Vietnamese dragon tattoo is filled with ruling power where the elements of protection, care, love, affection, wisdom, prosperity, power, and spirituality correlate and support each other. This is also one of the major reasons for having such high value among many Asian cultures like Japan, China, including Vietnamese. 

The placement of this tattoo can influence its meaning and size but the basic representation will remain the same. This tattoo design suits anyone due to its eye-catching, intricate, and admirable design. Its symbolic meanings make dragon tattoos a great force for the person who wants to live their life by following a spiritual and virtuous path. 

Convinced enough to get this mythical creature tattooed on your skin? But don’t know where exactly you should get it tattooed? Don’t worry, visit our studio whenever you come nearby and our experts will guide you properly!