Looking for the Best Tattoo Studio In Da Nang?

Looking for the Best Tattoo Studio In Da Nang? Don’t worry, the Hangout Hoi An has you covered! 

Artists and studios we love that tattoo in Da Nang

Tuan Tattoo

Tuan Tattoo is a studio that tattoos in Da Nang – Much like the Hangout, artists truly pride themselves on the belief that each person’s body is already a work of art, and the tattoo is what adorns that artefact to become perfect. Bonus: They also offer piercings. 

Nhat Bui 

Nhat Bui is an amazingly talented Japanese styled artist that works with us at the Hangout as well as being based in Da Nang! Nhat Bui is an outgoing, kind, loud person and it is seen in his hyper detailed work. If you watch this man sketch, and see how serious he takes his art, you’ll understand the extent of how much of an insane artist he is. Not only is his tattoo technique unique with such a soft touch, but his art itself is unlike any I’ve seen. So whether you pop by the Hangout in Hoi An or organise visiting Nhat Bui in Da Nang, you will receive a piece that is absolutely outstandingly crazy – once in a lifetime type of tattoos that are our first to show when asked “do you have any tattoos?”. FYI I am desperate to get a tattoo from Nhat Bui. 

Best Tattoo Studio In Da Nang

Lament Tattoo 

Lament tattoo has an artist for all needs… whether you are looking for a small delicate piece or a large intricate masterpiece, Lament will have something for all needs. Lament prides itself on catering to all customers and sending everyone home with a tattoo they can be proud of – and take pride in their art above all else.  

Tattoo in Da Nang price? 

If you’re wondering about how much a tattoo in Da Nang will be, I am here to say prices vary from studio to studio, with most places having a “studio minimum” as well as an “hourly rate” which will usually be quoted in USD. Much like western countries, if it is a reputable studio they usually have both of these things! And in Vietnam, it is worth paying slightly more to have a tattoo that will last, matches you and your body, as well as heals successfully. 

Tattoo in Da Nang price?

Also… just a little hint…. Stay tuned to watch our space at The Hangout grow… as we are working on opening our third tattoo studio which will be located in Da Nang within the next 12 months…. Watch this space!

Travelling Da Nang?

Apart from the tattoo scene, my favourite things to do are head to a bouldering/ climbing gym, head to Da Nang beach and hire a surf board for an early morning/ evening surf, paddle board adventure in Da Nang, or just sitting by the beach in the sun. They also have ice baths at sunrise if you’re up for the early morning! Da Nang is the type of place I could easily live in forever… You can do all of these things by simply just rocking up at the beach.  

Da Nang also has a crazy thrift scene… AT least 70% of the clothing I own is from Da Nang thrift scene. 

Here’s my go to list: Bo Vintage, Nhim Retro One, MOMONO Vintage, Taim Lup Vintage, and CCG Clothing. 

Travelling Da Nang?

I highly suggest if you are looking for a chill activity to do after your tattoo, that doesn’t involve swimming, sun or sweating, definitely have a thrift day!! You won’t regret. My favourite pair of almost knee high Doc Martins were found at one of these places… for $20AUD…

Apart from its vibrant tattoo scene, Da Nang itself is a city that offers a multitude of attractions and experiences. One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Dragon Bridge, a stunning bridge that spans the Han River. Every weekend, the Dragon Bridge comes to life with a spectacular fire and water show, attracting crowds of locals and tourists alike.

Da Nang is also a starting place for the famous Hai Van Pass trip! Driving from Da Nang to Hue, you’ll embark in a days worth of sight-seeing waterfalls, drinking coffee at local spots, stopping at rice fields and ports to see some local culture, high points where you can get an epic picture high in the air looking over the ocean… the  Hai Van pass can be done in a day, and can be booked at most hotels/ hostels. If you have your international licence you can do it solo, if not, you can hire an easy-rider to be your guide! I have done both, and whilst I love driving, the easy rider made it easier to just take in the scenery. 

When it comes to food, Da Nang offers a wide range of options to satisfy any palate. From local street food stalls to upscale restaurants, the city is a paradise for food lovers. Be sure to try local specialties such as banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), mi quang (a type of noodle dish), and banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake).

In conclusion, Da Nang is not only a beautiful and culturally rich city but also a hub for tattoo enthusiasts. With its diverse range of tattoo parlours and talented artists, Da Nang offers a unique and memorable tattoo experience. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, getting inked in Da Nang is a great way to commemorate your visit to this incredible city. So, if you’re looking to add some body art to your collection, be sure to check out the tattoo parlours in Da Nang and immerse yourself in the vibrant tattoo culture of this amazing city.

Come visit us in Hoi An after your Da Nang adventures, we are only a 30 minute grab away… Much love, Bonnie and The Hangout Team