Cool Fonts For Tattoos – A Quick Guide

Tattoos are a unique and personal form of self expression, and choosing the right font plays an important role in the overall aesthetic and meaning of your new piece of artwork. The font you select can help express emotions, reflect your personality, and enhance the visual appeal of your tattoo and you can easily get lost in an array of cool fonts for tattoos.

In this post we’re going to explore the factors to consider when choosing the perfect font for your tattoo to ensure that your new piece is not only beautiful but also meaningful. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of font selection, ensuring that your tattoo not only pays homage to tradition but also incorporates modern aesthetics within current and popular styles.

Consider The Message

Before you dive into the endless list of intricate and cool font styles available, it’s essential to consider the message you’re wanting to portray. Different fonts evoke different emotions and convey distinct messages. If your tattoo carries a sentimental or personal message, you may want to opt for a font that reflects the tone and significance of the words.

Consider The Message

Neo-Traditional Elegance

Neo-traditional tattoos are known for their bold lines, vibrant colours and contemporary twists on traditional themes. Incorporating neo-traditional elements into your font choice can bring a fresh and dynamic feel to your tattoo. Consider opting for bolder lettering with decorative details, or a fusion of script and neo-traditional elements for an eye popping result. Check out other neo-traditional tattoo’s online to get an idea for what font style people tend to use – popular choices within these tattoo types are bold sans-serif fonts with clean lines.

Neo-Traditional Elegance

Script Fonts for Traditional Tattoos

Traditional tattoos occasionally incorporate script elements, especially when featuring names, dates, or short phrases. In these cases, select script fonts with a timeless appeal. Classic cursive or calligraphic styles can seamlessly integrate within traditional tattoo designs, adding a touch of elegance without deviating from the overall vintage aesthetic.

Combining font style/sizing with a design

There’s an endless array of cool fonts for tattoos out there, but it’s also worth keeping in mind how the font style will be combined with your design

Choosing the right font style is also an important factor in making sure each element of the tattoo is complementary to its counterparts. If you’re looking for something relating more to the locality of Hoi An then opting for script fonts can add a touch of tradition to your tattoo. Traditional script fonts, reminiscent of Vietnamese calligraphy, can beautifully complement the cultural atmosphere of Hoi An within your new piece.

Combining font style/sizing with a design

Which font for which design?

Whether you’re opting for a traditional or neo-traditional design, maintaining consistency in theme is paramount. The font should align with the style and theme of the tattoo. As an example, a tattoo that features elements inspired by American traditional tattoos, a font that compliments that aesthetic will ensure the perfect integration of text and design.
As new tattoo styles emerge, so do the font choices. If you’re unsure about what font to use, it’s worth asking your artist for some opinions, as they will know what will and won’t work together.

Customization for Uniqueness

At the end of the day – it’s your tattoo. You can choose whatever font you’d like to go with your piece – or even personalise the font yourself. To achieve ultimate uniqueness to your piece, consider customising the font to align with specific elements of the tattoo design.

There’s plenty of inspiration online on websites like Pinterest and Instagram to get you started on creating your own cool font style, and by bringing some reference photos to the studio as a starting point can really help push the process along.

Cool Fonts For Tattoos

Have a chat with your tattoo artist to create customised lettering that mirrors motifs or symbols within the overall design. Truly taking personalisation to the next level.

Think About The Future

The age old saying that your parents would have told you when getting your first tattoo:

“Think about how you’re going to look when you’re older, bla bla bla”

You’re going to look like a badass. That’s how you’re going to look.

We hate to sound like your parents, but when taking fonts into consideration it’s worth thinking about future pieces you may get. As we’ve mentioned earlier: maintaining consistency is important.
If you get a design on your arm that includes a cool script font, then decide to extend your piece into a half or full sleeve, you’re kind of limited to what fonts you can use to maintain that consistency throughout the entire design. That is, if your aim is to blend your tattoos into one full piece.

Think About The Future

So, without sounding old fashioned, do take this into consideration.

Still Struggling with ideas?

As much as information can help you form a decision, it can also cripple you even more. If you’re struggling with finding cool writing fonts for tattoos or cool fonts for script and cursive tattoos, then you can always head over to and use their free services. is a font generator and is a fantastic site to use to help give you some more font tattoo ideas for a standalone piece, or to intertwine with a more visual design.


To wrap it up, The list of cool fonts for tattoos is endless –  selecting the right font for your tattoo can take a lot more consideration than you may think. This is where tattoo artists can really provide some assistance and suggestions if you’re struggling with incorporating the right font with your tattoo design. Tattoos tend to be a reminder for specific points in their lives so adding some Vietnamese elements into your font choice can help solidify the memory of your time in Vietnam.

If you wish to discuss font ideas for your tattoo and really bring your idea to life, drop by our studio and our artists will be more than happy to help make the decision a bit easier.