Om Symbol With Lotus Flower: Symbolic Artistry of Inner Peace and Enlightenment

When the divine aura of Om Symbol attaches itself with the Lotus flower of spiritual enlightenment, it nurtures peace, tranquility, and inner transformation. This holy and powerful tattoo design is filled with positive energy that will drive you to set on a journey of self-care where you will be able to know yourself better. This article will focus on the hidden meaning Om symbol and lotus flower hold and how their connections prove to be a symbolic art piece of your inner peace and enlightenment.

Explore the Profound Connection Between Om Symbol With Lotus Flower Tattoo

In Hinduism and Buddhism, both Om and Lotus flowers are seen as spiritual symbols. Both deal with spirituality and when they are blended in one place their forces combine and act as a harmonical representation of self-awareness and awareness of truth. This tattoo design is going to help you in achieving inner peace and harmony.

Om Symbol Symbolic Meaning

Om Symbol Symbolic Meaning


Om, also known as Aum, is a holy symbol of Pratima in Hindu culture. Its meaning is divided into two parts. The first meaning relates to the inner soul and the other relates to Brahma which is the extreme truth. 

This sacred syllable is widely used in Indian Scriptures to symbolize the universal truth and how the existence of our soul is connected to this truth by being a part of it. It represents how everything holds a truth and each truth is interconnected to the spiritual truth of God.

Spiritual Significance

In Buddhism, Om is a crucial part of meditation. Getting this Tattooed on you will help you connect to the benefits of spiritual practice. Uttering the Om syllable and inking it on your skin generates invisible cosmic vibrations that build a connection with divinity.

Especially in Yoga, this syllable is uttered to have a strong connection to god during meditation to achieve tranquility in life.

Represents Three Universal Curves

The Om symbol carries 2 universal curves of human existence. The first state has three curves of consciousness: waking, sleeping, and dreaming. The second state also has three curves of times that are past, present, and future.

This symbol maintains the harmony and unity between these curves and keeps the individual soul in calmness. 

om symbol with lotus flower

Lotus Flower Symbolic Meaning


Not only in Hinduism and Buddhism, the Lotus flower has great involvement in Egyptian and Greek mythology. For a long time, this flower has been used in the tattoo industry and has been inked by a large number of people who were in search of spiritual awakening. 

Symbolism of Purity, Rebirth, and Spiritual Awakening

Rather than being an ink spot on your skin, the Lotus flower tattoo is on different divine terms. Looking at the birth, the lotus flower grows in the muddy and dead-like waters and then blooms into an extraordinary flower. This quality is something that is not seen in other flowers.

That is why its journey towards blooming and its beauty symbolizes the spiritual awakening towards truth and self-awareness towards betterness. This tattoo design is used as a reminder to focus on the purity of body, mind, and soul.

Metaphor for Transformation and Growth

Looking from the metaphorical side of the lotus flower, it holds the meaning of personal growth and transformation toward success. Just as the lotus flower moves from darkness towards light, you will also overcome the dark phase of your life and will bloom in brightness and be successful one day. It’s like a visual representation of hope you carry with yourself on your skin for eternity. 

Om Symbol With Lotus Flower Symbolic Interpretations

The tattoo design of the Om symbol carrying the lotus flower is not just a mere design as their combinations make it a powerful symbol of spiritual evolution. It represents the changes in your life that have completely transformed you towards betterment. It’s like a rebirth of your new and serene self which holds the characteristics and blessing of truth and Harmony.

Om symbol with a lotus flower tattoo protects you from evil odds. It keeps you away from distractions and encircles you in holy blessings. Having this design tattooed on you makes you steadfast towards your life goals and no outer hindrance can disrupt you from finding yourself. 

Placement Concerns

When you are inking the Om symbol and lotus flower tattoo, it is preferred to place it on the upper body area. The reason is because both carry sacred symbolic meaning and the closer you inked them towards your heart the better it is.

You can have it inked on your neck, forearms, wrist, back, or sternum


Embracing the Om symbol along with the lotus flower is like having two strongest forces protecting and guiding you toward a spiritual path. It helps you have a deeper understanding of the truth and about yourself. This mark will represent your struggle in embracing and fulfilling the journey towards self-enlightenment.