Artistry of Sternum Tattoo: Embrace the Beauty Beneath the Ink

Over recent years, the sternum tattoo has emerged as a popular and captivating location for tattoos. The sternum is the central bone in the chest, and offers a graceful and intimate space for self expression. We’re going to look into the fascinating world of sternum tattoos and help you make some decisions about your own sternum tattoo ideas.

The Age Old Question

To begin with, we’ll answer the question that’s asked the most when it comes to sternum tattoos:

Do sternum tattoos hurt?

Well, to be direct about it – you’ve got a needle breaking through the surface of your skin, thousands of times a minute, so yeah… It’s going to hurt.
But, at the same time, everybody has different pain thresholds, and everyone has different sensitive areas, that’s what’s amazing about being a human – we’re all unique. A common experience for most who get a sternum tattoo is feeling quite uncomfortable with constant weight being applied to the sternum area.

Like with any tattoo – it’s a few hours of moderate uncomfortable-ness for a lifetime of happiness!

So now let’s get to it and discuss some design ideas.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas

The Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism is an ever-popular choice for sternum tattoos, captivating the simplicity of the piece. Single-line designs, small geometric shapes, or delicate symbols make for a subtle yet impactful statement. This style often appeals to those seeking a refined look that compliments the natural contours of the sternum.

Sternum Tattoo

Nature Inspired Beauty

The sternum is a well suited area for nature-inspired designs. Flowers can be a go to for this area, as their symbolism and aesthetic appeal can find a perfect home in this placement. From blooming cherry blossoms to mandala-inspired floral patterns,  all the way to embracing the symmetry within nature, these designs can be woven beautifully into the natural curvature of the sternum.

Nature Inspired Beauty

Celestial Wonders

Celestial themes, with their cosmic allure, offer a mesmerising option to inspire your sternum tattoo ideas. Sun and moon motifs, constellations, or depictions of galaxies can be intricately woven to create a cosmically cool piece of art. This style often represents the interconnectedness of the universe and adds a touch of mystique to the wearers persona.

Alternative Illustrations

For those looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary when it comes to sternum tattoo ideas, the area can be a great place for some more whimsical ideas that think more outside of the box on the creative scale. From mystical creatures to textual expression, the sternum can be a great place to brandish more of your personality.

Alternative Illustrations

Symbolic Representations

Tattoos have long served as a form of expressing our cultural identity and personal beliefs. Considering the central and prominent location of the sternum, it can be the perfect setting for a piece of this nature. Whether you go for tribal patterns, religious symbols or even ancestral crests, the possibilities are endless.

Watercolour Wonders

Watercolour tattoos have become more prominent within the tattoo world as of late and the sternum has become an ever more popular place to bring some colour into your life. Watercolour designs placed on the sternum tend to blend colours that naturally match the wearer’s complexion, adding an eye-catching element to the chest area.


Considering the prominent placement, sternum tattoos can take a lot of consideration and it’s worth spending some time researching sternum tattoo ideas. These tattoos offer a unique form of self expression in a more intimate area, so be sure to spend time researching the right artist for the job.