Introduction to Vietnam Mythical Creatures Tattoos

Mythical creatures are known to be those creatures that exist only in mythology and folklore, but they do not exist in real life. Vietnam is known to have many mythical creatures which include phoenixes, dragons and many more.

Vietnam is popular as a country of delicious foods and a deep sense of art with beautiful traditional cultures. Are you visiting Vietnam and you want to make sure that you remember your visit and want to make it more memorable?

Discover what Vietnamese mythical creatures are and what their tattoos symbolize

Then getting a traditional Vietnamese tattoo is the best way to do so. Getting a tattoo can be a hard choice so in order to choose what is the best tattoo you can get for yourself and to make sure it is a wonderful experience you can take a look at our guide which includes the best mythical creatures that are present in the history of Vietnam and whose tattoo you can get while you are present in Vietnam 

Vietnam Mythical Creatures

Vietnam’s Mythical Creatures that you can get tattooed on yourself 



If we are to talk about the most known and powerful Vietnamese mythical creature, it will be the dragon. Dragon in Vietnamese culture symbolizes courage, strength and power. This mythical creature’s image was only used by the kings in the past. It is known to be an omnipotent creature.

Phoenix and Tigers, Turtles

Another important mythical creature in Vietnamese culture is phoenix and tigers and turtles. Tiger is a real animal but in Vietnamese culture it has been given traits such as divine power which can easily ward off demons. According to the people of Vietnam, whoever has these three creatures together as a tattoo is believed to have been blessed with God’s blessing and will have happiness and prosperity.

Foo Dogs

The foo dogs are known to be another mythical creature in the history of Vietnam. They are also known as Guardian Lions. These creatures are well known to be mythical, imposing lion-like creatures. They represent prosperity, guardianship and success. As these animals hold rich meanings such as yin and yang, their tattoo is also famous in the Western world.


In Vietnamese culture, cranes symbolize a lot of things which include loyalty, grace, intelligence, wisdom, longevity, fidelity and spirituality.

Another interesting fact related to cranes in this culture is that these beautiful creatures are recognized to be the carriers of the souls of the deceased people to heaven which also symbolizes spiritual enlightenment.

The Unicorn

The unicorn is part of the cultural magical animals. It is known to be a very powerful creature in the culture and is widely used to protect temples. This gorgeous animal represents nobility, grace and novelty in Vietnamese history. 

Moreover, this animal is also revered as a guardian spirit to those who tattoo it and it helps them to remove evil spirits and it brings blessings to those who honor the beautiful creature. It is also believed to be associated with success and prosperity in Vietnamese folklore, so it holds quite importance. In addition, the unicorn also shows the connection between the natural world and humanity due to which it is used in art and architecture in Vietnam.


If we are to talk about the folklore creatures in the culture and history of this beautiful country, we can also count Qilin on the list. Qilin symbolizes nobility, great happiness and longevity. It is often tattooed in pairs which gives the meaning of reverence.

Koi Fish

Koi Fish is also known as carp. It is known to symbolize wealth. Vietnamese people believe that whoever has this tattoo is bound by fate to get a lot of wealth. In Vietnamese culture, it has the mythical potential to transform into a dragon. It also symbolizes advancement, luck and success in the path of career and education.

Koi Fish


One more beautiful creature in the history of Vietnam is the bat, though it is a real animal but in Vietnamese culture it defines blessings. It also signifies fortune. Its image is widely spread due to its spiritual significance as well. It is also a sign of happiness and prosperity for everyone.


So, this is the list of all the tattoos that you can get of the mythical creatures found in the culture and history of Vietnam. These tattoos will help you have a very memorable and joyful experience during your stay in Vietnam.

Also, to add lastly if you are not sure what to get as a tattoo for yourself you can gladly come to our studio anytime and get advice on what to get as your first Vietnamese tattoo. We’re sure it will be a wonderful experience for you.