Vietnamese Symbols Tattoos: Alluring and Meaningful Art

Vietnamese symbols tattoos are a great tribute to cultural roots, traditional heritage, and individuality and rising as a trendy option among youngsters.

Dive into the Colorful culture of Vietnamese Symbols tattoos and Discover their rich Symbolic Significance

A true ancestral spirit resides in Vietnamese symbol tattoos from the time when tattoos were considered a serene mark on a body. This article will unlock a significant Vietnamese symbol tattoo that will shine as a ‘love for cultural’ mark on your skin.

When we look back at the history of Vietnamese tattoos then these inspirational marks faced ups and downs due to prejudices and evolving cultural biases. From the beginning, tattoos were taken as an aristocratic and protective symbol.

Royals tattooed themselves to show their social class while fishermans tattooed their whole body to imitate deadly monsters in order to protect themselves against bad supernatural and mystical creatures. However, with the time and involvement of invaders and wars, tattooed figures started belonging to criminals, murderers, and gangsters leading to spoiling the sacred significance. 

However, today’s open-mindedness brought back the lost Vietnamese tattoo’s significance and has moved many people to embrace the dignity that has been lost. So without further ado let’s get to know different Vietnamese symbol tattoos you can get inked on you. 

Popular Vietnamese Symbols Tattoos and their Meanings

Vietnamese symbol tattoos are not just about outer appearance; rather they hold layers of meanings that resonate with the cultural roots, patriotism, and self-evolving journeys. Each symbol marked on you fills the void in your expressive world and brings your true self to the world. For instance:


Dragon is a mythical creature and due to its symbolic appearance, it is considered the supreme mark of power, strength, and high rank. That’s why ancient royals inked this symbol on their body to represent their bourgeois status. Besides power, dragon symbol tattoos represent nobility and prosperity.

Vietnamese Symbols Tattoos

Dragon symbols take various shapes. It can be combined with other elements like thunder, water, fire, clouds, or swords to further enhance its visual impact on the viewer.

Dragons with long tails either be highly curved or slightly bent. There can be modifications on the head of the dragon as it can be altered with the head of a lion, or snake. Further enhancements can be done by adding tiger feet or huge ferocious wings to portray a powerful visual.

Yin and Yang

The Yin and Yang tattoo is the true embodiment of balance and harmony. Yin and Yang are opposite to each other and they are like Apollo (god of beauty) and Dionysus (god of destruction). Both must remain together in balance because the slightest change can disrupt peace and harmony.

Looking at the symbolic significance of the yin and yang symbol, the black part (yin) and the white part (yang) work in duality and their meaning occurs in contradictory but interconnecting ways, for instance, masculine and feminine, light or heavy, dark or bright, even or odd.

Conical hat

The conical hat symbol is another popular tattoo design in Vietnamese culture that radiates modesty, productivity, and femininity.

Conical hats have a strong relation with Vietnamese traditional agricultural roots because many women wear these hats during labor, especially in the summer season.

Getting this symbol as a tattoo not only reflects your love of Vietnamese culture but also represents personality and embracing your roots. It also looks pretty and attractive especially when it is tattooed as a girl’s face covered halfway by a conical hat.

Conical hat


Mandalas are geometrical symbols and never seem outdated. They can be typical and specific on your skin but hold everlasting symbolic meanings.

Mandalas come in different patterns but the basic root meaning behind them is order, harmony in bonds. Lines are neatly spread across the circle in an equal manner.

This tattoo symbol represents wholeness, down to earth, and connections with positive energies.


Phoenix is another mythical creature, a bird, that is used as a symbol of immortality, redemption, and re-awakening. 

In Vietnamese tattoos, this symbol is inked widely among people due to its mythical significance. This symbol is admiring and eye-catching and enhances one’s personality. 

The Phoenix symbol can be inked with its wings wide open showing its grace or can be combined with flamed feathers or a sharp tail. 

Besides this, it also symbolizes the dominance and power for maintaining peace and order.


If you want to proudly hold the marks of your Vietnamese cultural heritage or want to ink attractive and meaningful symbols then Vietnamese symbol tattoos are for you.

These symbols at the same time connect you with the profound tattoo history and trendy artistry with no compromise on their sacred symbolic meanings.

Let it be the yin and yang symbol or dragon symbol, it’s time to let these tattoos be a part of you eternally and let them guide you towards betterness and self-discovery.

Bring your ideas to our studio and allow us to add new dimensions to it and create a meaningful personalized Vietnamese symbol tattoo that not only reflects your story but also adores your vision.