Vietnamese Tattoos Designs: From Ancient Symbols towards Modern Artistry

Vietnamese Tattoo designs are built on the foundations of culture and shaped in the hue of modern art to shine as contemporary art in the tattooing industry.

Explores the Rich Traditional Vietnamese Tattoos Designs Through Modern Trend

In order to express modern creativity and cultural heritage in one place, Vietnamese tattoos designs are the perfect example of it. In this article, you will be acknowledged with reputable traditional Vietnamese tattoo designs covering powerful creatures to delicate floral art tattooed through contemporary styles. 

Vietnamese Tattoos Designs

Vietnamese culture and tattoos have a special deep-rooted bond for centuries, that even after facing ups and downs it didn’t lose its importance at all. Even today its admiring value is seen through many people who are embracing these cultural designs in the form of modern tattoo art.

These designs are not just mere inking patterns, they hold spirituality and beliefs which further reflect different aspects of one’s life. So whether it’s the iconic dragon or koi fish design or dreamy floral patterns, let’s get to know what specific position they hold in Vietnamese tattooing traditions. 

Popular Vietnamese Tattoos Designs 

Vietnamese tattoo designs are without any doubt very popular among Vietnam’s natives and foreigners. The backbone for this reputation lies in the traditional tattoo designs that take different shapes according to the different eras and present themselves in all its glory and glamor. Let’s see popular Vietnamese tattoo designs that are still winning the hearts of many people all around the world 


Dragon tattoos are very famous in terms of traditional designs. They are believed to be owned by aristocrats in ancient times and radiate high moral and social values and status. 

Tattoos were a crucial part of the body in Vietnamese history and almost every other person with high status like kings tattooed their body with dragons. For sailors, they completely adorned their bodies with different fierce tattoo art including dragons to ward off any evil spirit. 

Mostly, men tattooed this dragon design on their body at that time but now it’s not mandatory and females are equally inking this powerful design on their body to express their strong feminine side. 

Here you can also explore the rich cultural and symbolic meaning behind Vietnamese Dragon Tattoos.

Overall, dragon tattoos symbolize strength, a symbol for warding off bad spirits, power, and a sign of nobility and dignity.

In contemporary art, it is combined with flowers, swords, fire, thunder, or clouds to enhance its visual and symbolic impact. 

Lotus Flower 

The Lotus flower holds the knots of purity, innocence, spiritual enlightenment, and strength. This flower tattoo was a major skin mark for females in Vietnamese history to express their delicacy and purity. 

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However, its symbolic meaning makes it equally appropriate for every gender to embrace it without any hesitation. It also expresses your journey towards betterment and happiness and acts as a constant reminder of your hard work along the way towards success. 


If you are looking for minimalist Vietnamese traditional tattoo designs, then this bamboo tattoo design would be perfect for you.

This tattoo design expresses your strong devotion to nature. From a symbolic point of view, bamboo design represents versatility and adaptability which is the best quality of a human being. 


Turtle tattoos were often linked to scholars and intellectuals in Vietnamese culture as turtles symbolize consistency towards gaining knowledge. Patience, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and good fortune are all valuable symbolic meanings that are connected with turtle tattoo designs.

Adding water currents with turtles enhances its symbolic meaning towards adaptability, persistence, tranquility, and balance in life. 

Koi Fish

Koi fish tattoos symbolize transformation towards goodness and prosperity. According to mythology, it is believed that koi fish have a strong bond with dragons as they are the ones that transform into dragons once crossing the waterfall.

From this, the meaning of transformation nurtured and along with strong Vietnamese traditional beliefs, koi fish tattoos are indeed the reason for positive transformation of one’s personality and brought good fortunes in one’s life. 

Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An Lantern tattoo expresses a strong commitment to Vietnamese culture. The symbolic meaning of this tattoo expresses hope and happiness. It’s like an artistry cheers towards celebrating your happiness and joyful memories.

Just like floating hoi a lantern holds people’s hopes, dreams, and wishes, getting this tattoo will also express your dreams and give you a constant reminder to fight your way to achieve what exists only for you.


Vietnamese tattoo designs have been evolving for centuries and for every era they express their cultural roots in captivating ways.

Whether you go for pure traditional tattoo designs like dragon, lotus, or bamboo designs or add a modern touch like combining two different designs, the symbolic meaning will surely express itself in indelible ways. 

As a native or foreigner looking for traditional Vietnamese tattoo designs, we welcome you by heart to our studio to bring your vision to life through modern artistry. Don’t hesitate and let us guide you in embracing captivating and meaningful Vietnamese tattoo designs.